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**Featured in The Atlantic, The New York Times, NPR, and more.**It’s hard to learn from lectures and videos. Brilliant helps you learn more effectively through short, conceptual quizzes. Used by 3.5 million people worldwide, Brilliant challenges you to solve problems in 15 math, science, and engineering topics.Learn from a vibrant community of students and enthusiasts, including olympiad champions, researchers, and professionals. Improve critical thinking skills and stretch the boundaries of your knowledge.
Features:* Step-by-step solutions to strengthen your problem solving ability* Thousands of conceptual quizzes to build your intuition* Daily problems to sharpen your problem solving skills* Increasing difficulty as you improve* A community wiki with great explanations and examples* Performance tracking to see your progress
Most popular topics:* Joy of Problem Solving* Probability* Physics of the Everyday* Quantitative Finance* Logic* Computer Science* Number Theory
“A significantly greater number of students fail science, engineering and math courses that are taught lecture-style than fail in classes incorporating so-called active learning that expects them to participate in discussions and problem-solving beyond what they've memorized.” – National Science Foundation
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